Strategic Work Force Design

Provide support to design the Strategy for Work Force Planning in terms of Organizational requirement.

Employee Engagement

Provide solutions for Employee Engagement Initiatives to maintain Healthy Work Environment.

Shop Floor Training Implementations

Support provide to coordinate/organize various training requirements of per shop floor workforce requirement focusing development of Blue collar and based training modules designed.

Discipline, Grievance Handling Procedure

Provide support & solutions for Designing scheme for Discipline and Disciplinary matter, Grievance Handling procedures etc.

Long Term Wage Settlement

Provide support to design the strategy for Long Term Wage Settlement with bench marking surveys.
Provide support & solutions for designing of Employment Standing Order for certification.

Union Matters

Provide support & solutions for dealing with Unions – External/Internal.


Provide solutions for Restructuring/Resizing of Business Units by designing of separations schemes like VRS etc.

Employee Welfare

Provide varied solutions for employee welfare to maintain the environment conducive from Business perspective as well align with the mandatory provisions under the Applicable Laws. Support for designing the Employee Welfare Policy from implementation & execution perspective.